Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you may wish to consider when hiring a financial advisor.

WWC is a registered investment advisor through the state of Tennessee, Arizona, North Carolina and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Worthwhile Wealth Counsel is a Fee-only, firm. We have no connection with brokerage, bank or insurance companies.

This brochure is required by regulars so you can make an educated decision about hiring the right adviser for you. It helps ensure an ‘apples to apples’ comparison of registered advisers. You will receive this at the beginning of our relationship and it can also be accessed here.

WWC usually meets once or twice with our new clients. From there, we encourage annual or semi-annual meetings with clients. Other meetings are scheduled as the need arises.

Our chief strength is in the dedicated team of advisors and client service professionals we’ve established. We’re let by our two founders, veteran Certified Financial Planner professionals, with nearly sixty years’ combined experience.

Our strong suit is with clients determined to achieve and sustain financial independence. We’ve launched hundreds of clients into unleashed living: sustainable retirement. And, we’re passionate about establishing great relationships with younger savers, too. We hate hearing, “We wish we’d met you sooner!”

Anyone can make money when markets are climbing. Our strategies have been researched, tried and tested in the trenches. They’ve carried clients through markets that seemed permanently brutal and, no doubt, will again. No one can know the perfect strategy for the next bear market. But, decades of experience navigating through the worst of times, and generating income for those who need it, is one source of confidence for our clients.