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Successful investing demands an unwavering confidence in the resilience of the markets and their upward march. With our knowledge, know-how and grit, we’ll master the risk while you harvest the reward from the long-term rise of the markets.

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As Fee-Only advisors, our core passion has always been hands-on portfolio design and management. Your funds are carefully selected from the universe of all retail and institutional investment vehicles. The focus on placing the most advanced and cost-effective funds into your strategic, globally diversified portfolio. Your success doesn’t rely on our expertise alone either. It’s grounded in decades of groundbreaking research receiving five Nobel Prizes in economics for Modern Portfolio Theory and Behavioral Finance over the last 30 years. Your account will be tailored to your specific needs. Worthwhile Wealth Council has no “cookie-cutter” portfolios.
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You’ve made it! You’re ready to experience life to the fullest and enjoy your “worth living assets”. You deserve to enter this stage of your life with confidence and ease. Our talent is in listening carefully and closely to bring your dreams into reality. For many this simply means having the confidence that your nest egg will not give-out before you do, living the life that you envision. For others, it means making the most of your assets to benefit far beyond yours and your family’s aspirations. In either case, an inexhaustible stream of income is a priority.

We’ve made this journey into retirement and beyond together with hundreds of your forerunners and we’re passionate about sharing our experience. We love setting the stage for honoring your highest values in realizing your best dreams. And, you can rely on empirically validated research applied through decades with loads of client experience. We’ll sort through your options while guiding you to the best choices for your dreams.

Our goal is for you to enter this stage with confidence and serenity — for all it’s worth!
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With a research arsenal embodying three decades of knowledge and practice we’ve managed sustainable income for hundreds of retirees through three bear markets (now our fourth). It’s clear we’re not guessing; we know what we’re doing.

Here’s how we do it.

Knowing what you need to do and doing it everywhere it counts. It’s the confidence that what you’re talking today won’t undo your plans for sustaining those checks for life. It also requires navigating a course that will certainly be challenged by foul weather in the markets. It’s why a skilled, experienced sea area uses current charts and wisdom for their journey.

SmartVestor is a free service that connects you with our network of financial advisors, wealth advisors, financial planners and other investing professionals. SmartVestor Pros have a client-first mentality. They treat you like a teammate, not a transaction. When you’re ready, SmartVestor Pros will commit to educating and empowering you.

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Develop A Plan

Money has no master and no sense of direction. It will go wherever it’s told and follow faithfully any plan presented. It will magnify any beginning, however small. Money simply can’t resist a well-crafted plan and will deliver its worth right into your dreams.

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Phase 1 — Beginnings

This phase of life involved lots of new beginnings, including finishing education, starting a career and settling in for the second phase of life. Creating your budget using the Three Circle Savings Plan creates the habits which are the building blocks for a more comprehensive plan as life expands in its demands.

Phase 2 — Slammed N’ Messy

During this phase, savings continue and a comprehensive plan is developed which supplements direction into areas of protection needed, such as life insurance, health insurance, estate & tax planning and much more.

Phase 3 — Simple Pleasures

You’ve made it and congratulations! This phase of life fully allows you to enjoy all you have saved for and dreamed of doing. Giving back and spending cherished time with friends and family enrich this phase of life.

As Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, we are trained in all areas of personal finance from insurance and tax strategies, to budgeting, estate planning and investments. Comprehensive planning requires all the pieces of your financial puzzle to fit together closely. However, we can’t be experts at everything.

We specialize in investment strategy — wealth management. To fill the remaining spaces of your puzzle, we have built an arsenal of CPA’s, Estate Planning Attorneys, Insurance Professionals and Elder Care Professionals. And, if you’re already working with a professional, we are happy to collaborate with them as well.

Everyone needs a comprehensive, collaborative financial team. Imagine the sense of confidence you’ll experience knowing you have a team of experts, all working together for your financial well-being and your goals.

Investors of all stripes care about the world our children will inherit. While Socially Responsible Investing has been around for decades, new innovations are exploding into the marketplace so we can genuinely Wrap Your Conscience Around Your Capital™. It begins with the ancient belief that individually small moves really add up with the other like-minded investors. We can integrate this approach into your strategy and maintain the same data-driven process that is the hallmark of modern portfolio science.

As successful investors you share the desire to preserve your wealth and to impact things larger than yourself and generations to come. It’s also important for you to pass on the values and beliefs that are inseparable from the wealth you’ve accumulated or created. These principles are at the heart of who you are and part of your aspiration to the life you deem well-lived, a worthy example for others to follow.

One of the greatest risks to your legacy may be the financial inexperience of your heirs. That’s why financial education for children and grandchildren is a critical piece we offer to help realize your intentions of your family wealth legacy.

You feel blessed and you want to pay it forward. Today, modern tools abound for giving back in triple-win ways. Whether a trust, foundation or donor-advised fund, these tools create a strategy that’s best aligned to fulfill your deepest heart’s desire.

For Business Owners

How do we serve our corporate and business clients? Simple. We offer cost-effective custom-built retirement plans. We provide a comprehensive menu of services. We trail and evaluation investment performance on a regular basis. We’re friendly, helpful, and available. We made this complicated area as simple as possible. And, we are committed to successful retirement for you and your employees.

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As a plan fiduciary, you have a great deal of responsibility to your plan and its participants. WWC helps plan sponsors manage this responsibility and to mitigate liability by:

  • Serving as a fiduciary to the plan
  • Developing an investment policy statement and documentation process to meet fiduciary responsibilities
  • Participating in investment plan meetings

One of your responsibilities as the fiduciary of your plan is the selection and ongoing monitoring of investment options within the plan. WWC has a rigorous and time-tested quantitative system in place to help in the selection of the plan’s funds.

WWC’s team of fiduciary financial advisors will be with you and your participants every step of the way — from enrolling new employees to answering day-to-day questions. In addition to live phone support, our advisors will meet with employees individually to assist them with savings recommendations, personal portfolio allocation and investment recommendations, and any questions they may have to help them prepare for retirement. Our experience in providing wealth management services and our in-depth knowledge of personal finance increases the value of our participant education and recommendations — the one area most sponsors fail to provide.

Our team includes and Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF) as well as two Certified Financial Planners professionals with more than 60 years of combined experience. The AIF® designation and training prepares investment professionals managing investments on behalf of business plan sponsors to carry out your fiduciary responsibilities and to help businesses meet stringent ERISA and Uniform Prudent Investors Act requirements. The AIF® was named one of the “Ten Most Wanted” designations in the investment industry by Financial Planning magazine. For additional information about the AIF® designation, click here.

Are you hesitant about changing providers? WWC offers a no-cost second opinion evaluation of your plan by Retirement Plan Consultants for your peace of mind. Make sure your plan is cost-efficient and is meeting all regulatory requirements. Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss in more detail how we may help you.

When implementing 401(k) programs, we use our fiduciary advised and monitored approach to focus on what is best for you and your employees’ financial future. Because we aren’t brokers and we’re not associated with a bank or an insurance company, we can minimize your liability as an employer while ensuring that your money and your employees’ money is well cared for.